Lessons, Missed Lessons & Make-ups

  1. Please commit to getting personal instruction from me only. Having competing sources of instruction is not helpful for you or fair for your teacher.
  2. Attend all weekly lessons on time. 10 minutes late would be considered a missed lesson.
  3. All public holidays observed and studio closure are outlined in student portal. Even though we do not break for Summer, there are only 40 sessions (lessons and recitals) out of 52 weeks in a year. Therefore, there are some flexibility if students need to reschedule a lesson, as long as it is communicated at least 2 weeks in advanced. In this case, you would be given a make-up credit to reschedule a lesson on any open time slot in the portal. All make-up credits must be redeemed within 180 days from the date of issued and cannot be carried over to the next policy year. 
  4. No make-up lesson will be given to last minute change of plan except due to sickness, emergency, or inclement weather communicated at least 24 hours in advanced (except extreme circumstances such as hospitalization or car accident), or that which is initiated by me.

Tuition & Fees

  1. Tuition is NOT refundable, whether the students attend or not, just like a private school.  It is a guarantee of your spot at the studio for the entire year.
  2. However, if you need to discontinue lessons for any reason, please provide a 30-days written notice and your subsequent month tuition will be refunded with a pro-rate.
  3. Expect tuition to increase every year around mid April. 
  4. There will be additional cost on books (unless specified otherwise) at cover cost plus shipping (no prior consent required from students/parents). 
  5. Other paraphernalia may be required (adjustable bench, pedal extender, metronome…etc) at my recommendation.

Instrument & Practice

  1. An acoustic piano that is well maintained and tuned is necessary in proper technical development. I no longer accept students without an acoustic piano. I am happy to work with my students to find the right piano for their level of study.
  2. Daily practice for at least five days a week is expected. Length of practice will vary based on the student’s level of advancement. It is the parent’s responsibility to schedule and enforce daily practice especially for young children. The weekly assignments should be viewed as "homework." Completion of homework and thorough preparation of assignments for each lesson is expected. 
  3. The discipline of daily practice leads to progress which fuels motivation to continue to practice and progress. Parents are expected to be actively involved in practicing with beginners and young children until they reach an age where they can be more self-directed in their practicing. Students who do not practice regularly will be placed on probation for the remainder of the year, and if the situation does not improve, may be dropped from the studio at the end of a year.


  1. Be willing to work hard without using age, instrument, or any other circumstances as an excuse.
  2. Be willing to be corrected and accept difficult challenges even if you don’t feel up for it.
  3. Be willing to grow in all aspects of musicianship and theory.
  4. Be willing to submit under the authority of your teacher during the lesson, even if you are older.  
  5. Be willing to learn with a focused mind, positive attitude, responsiveness to questions, and willingness to do (chanting, humming, singing, movement…etc) what is required of the student.
  6. Be willing to communicate openly challenges faced in piano learning so that I can help you finding the right solution.


  1. Students are expected to participate, serve, and contribute in recitals or any studio events. 
  2. There may be additional cost for any studio related events, parties, or recitals.
  3. Memorized performance is compulsory for most students, but encouraged for older adults.

Studio & Etiquete

  1. Please attend lessons with trimmed finger nails, clean and dry hands, and modest attire. Please remove shoes at the entrance foyer, and any tangling jewelry around the wrists or large rings prior to lessons.
  2. Gentle guiding touch at the fingers, hands, arms and shoulders is employed as needed to help students develop proper technique at the piano. 
  3. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend lessons at anytime. Sibling(s) may observe lessons provided that they are closely supervised by their parent(s) and not disruptive to the lesson. 
  4. The teacher is not held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur to the students during piano lessons, recital, or any events that took place at the studio.
  5. Please take good care of the property in the home studio.


  1. The teacher reserves the right to use photographs, video/audio recording of students during any studio activities including lessons and recitals for use as a teaching tool, or to promote the studio at her discretion. Your payment signifies your release of your rights to these assets. However, if you wish to opt-out, please let me know. 

Studio policy subjects to change. Your monthly payment signifies your complete agreement with the above studio policy.